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Dr. Scott Wright is a Palmer Upper Cervical (HIO) and Orthospinology upper cervical chiropractor.  Upper Cervical Care is a unique field of study within the chiropractic profession. These techniques are non-manipulative procedures that use diagnostic images and thermographic scans of the upper neck to determine the cause of your problem.

Non-manipulative means that there isn’t any cracking or popping of your spine.

Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic is a natural health care system that helps to create optimum body function by the restoration of Body Balance. Really, upper cervical care is a specialty within the Chiropractic field. A gentle Upper Cervical Specific chiropractic adjustment is a painless spinal correction.  This adjustment restores body balance by removing nerve interference that allows the body’s natural healing ability to work at its best.

What Is The Importance Of Body Balance?


1981 Nobel Prize winner Dr. Roger Sperry, PhD. won the Nobel Prize by discovering that 90% of the brain’s activity is used to balance your body within the gravitational field of earth. He said that if your body is structurally misaligned, it will begin to affect the other 10% of the brain’s activity, which controls every other function in your body including breathing, digestion, and thinking.


If the body framework (spine and other bone structure) is in an out of-balanced or misaligned position, it may interfere with nervous system transmissions, which control of all your body’s functions. This nervous system interference is called a vertebral subluxation complex. The alteration of nerve function can change the body’s natural ability to maintain health. Subluxations are silent. Research tells us that a subluxation may begin at birth and if present for a period of time will result in dysfunction and dis-ease.  Since Dr. Wright is a traditional upper cervical chiropractor he highly recommends a complete chiropractic check-up for your entire family, yes your children as well.

Healing Cycle

In published research studies it is shown that when body balance is restored, (subluxation removed) the body begins a healing cycle.  When the nervous system communication begins to normalize, the body can resume its natural path and striving for health. Healing will likely be different for everyone, because everyone is different. The healing cycle is amazing. Among many things that can happen, it will elevate the immune system, increase blood and oxygen circulation and allow a deep sense of relaxation and comfort throughout the entire body. Simply put, a body that is high functioning with superior performance is the result.

What Is An Upper Cervical Spinal Correction And How Does It Restore Body Balance And Remove Spinal Cord Compression?

The Upper Cervical Specific spinal correction is a precisely calculated adjustment (correction) of the bone structure of the head and neck that is barely felt by the patient depending upon the technique used. The adjustment is designed to remove nerve interference from around the brain stem. The brain stem is where the brain and spinal cord meet at the top of your neck. This area of the nervous system controls every one of your body’s automatic functions, such as breathing, vision, blood circulation, hearing, digestion and elimination, sexual activity, and posture just to name a few. If the bone structure around the brain stem is misaligned (subluxated) and compressing that area, it creates postural distortion (body imbalance) and can negatively affect physical, emotional, and even mental performance.

The Upper Cervical Specific gentle spinal adjustment will balance the bone structure of the head and neck, removing nerve interference from around the brain stem, restoring body balance and reactivating the body’s natural healing ability (adaptation).  Therefore, the impact of the adjustment is so far reaching.  Many people mistakenly think the neck has little influence on how the entire the spine functions, let alone, the whole of the body. This is short sighted thinking. After all, the hip bone is connected to the…well you get my point.

How Is Body Balance And Spinal Cord Compression Determined?

Body imbalance or postural distortion is determined by bilateral body weight difference, leg length discrepancy, visual inspection, and improper body mechanics.

In a lying down or supine position, the leg lengths may differ as much as one inch. Postural measurement reveals head tilt, low shoulder, pelvic distortion, or improper spinal curvatures. Restricted neck movement or other decreased joint ranges of motion reveals improper body mechanics.

X-rays to an Upper Cervical Chiropractor are like a blueprint is to a Builder. Successfully achieving the desired results will be significantly improved when the (blueprints) x-rays of your spine are used to help guide the process. Advancement in technology has made X-ray exposure and dosage minimal. Without X-rays, we would be guessing about your health – which we will not do.

The evaluation through x-ray and leg check analysis gives tremendous insight into the anatomy of the subluxation complex, however there is more we need to know so we turn to Computerized Infrared Thermography for evaluation of physiology. What's going on, on the inside? Temperature has been used for thousands of years to understand how the human body works. New technology breakthroughs have allowed us further understanding into the link between temperature imbalances, nervous system dysfunction and how this affects health. Information is gathered through an infrared temperature-sensing device that is approved by the FDA. It is such a vital indicator of the presence of spinal cord or nerve compression that this procedure is used on every visit to objectively determine whether a patient needs an adjustment on that visit. As a result and just as important, if no nerve interference is detected, an adjustment will not be performed.

How Is The Upper Cervical Spinal Correction Calculated?

Once body imbalance has been determined to be present, precise X-ray analysis has been analyzed, along with a comprehensive chiropractic examination has been completed, this information is used to calculate a specific correction formula. Each formula is unique to the individual. No two spinal corrections are exactly alike. Once the formula has been calculated, the Upper Cervical spinal adjustment is used to re-align the bone structure of the head and neck, thereby removing brain stem compression, and restoring body balance.

After the initial progress X-rays, further X-rays are usually not needed unless other circumstances arise. The Upper Cervical X-ray system is designed to minimize X-ray exposure.

What Does The Upper Cervical Adjustment Feel Like?

The Upper Cervical spinal adjustment is painless and many times hardly felt. “Very gentle” is what many people say. Because of the intricate analysis, an adjustment can be made without any forceful, jerking and twisting movements or any cracking and popping sounds. Because Dr. Wright is proficient in several Upper Cervical techniques he will determine which way for you to be adjusted best suits you.

A Specific Scientific Chiropractic Adjustment is safe for all ages. We have experience in delivering chiropractic adjustments to all ages from 1 day to 99 years old. (whoops, she had a birthday...100 years of age) That’s right, children and seniors alike can benefit from a proper Chiropractic adjustment as well as people that have experienced an automobile accident or other types of traumatic events.

What Can I Expect After My First Upper Cervical Spinal Adjustment?

A variety of things may be noticed after being adjusted. These changes result from the body adapting to the correction.  In order for the body to heal, it will go through different cycles of repair.

These changes may be expressed as: relaxed and/or tired feeling, light-headedness or possible head pressure, cold-like symptoms, muscle tightness, discomfort in an area of an old injury, warmth and positive changes with bowel and bladder function.  Symptoms may decrease quickly or pain may move to another area of the body.  Remember, these are indicators that the healing mechanism in the body is working.

Frequency of care may decrease as body stabilization and healing occurs.

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